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Event Management Ireland Casino nightOur fun casino nights portrays all the atmosphere and appearance of any real live casino in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, with full sized Black Jack and Roulette tables, each run by fully trained croupiers / dealers. They not only manage the game but also ensure that everyone has a great time.


The same amount of chips are distributed to each guest and everyone tries to win more than their colleagues, which results in rampant inflation during the casino which lasts for 1½  hours. The casino MC or host interacts with guests and raises the maximum bets at certain times. This ensures that everyone can keep playing for most of the event until their chips run out but even if they run out we may feel sorry for them! Lively music is played by our MC throughout the casino leading to a great atmosphere.


One of the main attractions of our Casino Night is that it caters for everyone - all ages, male and female, from the office junior to the Chief Executive and from the parents of the bride to the younger generation. They will all enjoy a wild, carefree night. We supply a bottle of champagne for the winner with the most chips at the end of the casino. Packages can be tailored to your event and budget with full venue theming, entertainment and additional prizes.

Las Vegas Casino Nights are ideal for wedding receptions, corporate companies and Christmas parties. Casino Nights can also be used for charity and fundraising events. You can charge an entry ticket price and then charge for


 buybacks during the night to create a fun and interactive way to raise funds for a good cause.

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